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Documenting MetaExtensions for the WHATWG Community

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Welcome to JokeNetworks Documentation page ๐Ÿฅณ

Here you can find and contribute to the source-code of our documentation-page, which is publicly available at

What is this about?

In our documentation anyone can find public docs for our (deprecated) services (which aren't important for that matter) and also docs for the W3 WHATWG community (the MetaExtensions part of WhatWG).

The "faq" page with questions answered, that weren't asked frequently, was created in January 2014, when @philipbrembeck was in need of creating a new HTML MetaExtension, which would not be marked as an error in the W3 Validator.


If you want to contribute, fork the Git-Repro (jokenetwork/faq) and create a new document under source/ named <title of your page>.md.

You can also change existing doc-pages. Just click on "Edit on GitHub" on the corresponding page.
Then just open a pull request and we'll review your page and add it.

How to contribute

Please write your changes in Markdown.
You can use the following components of Bootstrap v5.0:

You can also use all free icons from FontAwesome v5.0.

Anyone can:

Please don't open issues but instead directly make a Pull Request with your edits/new creations.

Add extensions to the WHATWG Wiki

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If you want to add your meta-extensions to the WhatWG-Wiki, please register on WHATWG Wiki. To request an account, ask an autoconfirmed user on Chat. Then go to Registry <meta name>, edit the page and add your meta tag (in alphabetical order!).
You can link to[your-metaextension] (Please note that file-names are case-sensitive!) for the documentation of your meta-tag (Only if you created them before).

Add extension to W3 Validator

Just send an e-mail to, informing the W3 about the meta-tag you added to the WHATWG Wiki, their purpose, and state that you added them to the WHATWG Wiki.

File Structure

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All text and code in this repository is licensed under CC-BY 4.0.


In the WHATWG Wiki

Up to date: v2.3.5